Folie Pots

I’ve had quite a few ceramic designs rattling around my head for a while now. In my own home I select ceramics that have multiple purposes. I have a favourite vintage pot that I picked up from Italy on a holiday years ago. One day it houses flowers, the next day I grab, fill with ice and put a bottle of wine in it. That was the starting point of Folie Pots. They had to look great, and be useful. 

After a lot of research and trips to both Italy and Portugal, I finally found a beautiful, Italian family-run ceramic business. They are fifth generation ceramists and still use the same techniques as their previous generations. In August we went for the final time to Puglia to discuss my design. I insisted I didn’t want a white pot, and so we used a special technique that is normally reserved for the popular splatter-ware technique.


They’re twice baked and end up with a beautiful antique creamy cracked pot to showcase my Quadro design. After weeks of drawing noughts and crosses grids in the sand last year with my son Art, I loved the simplicity yet boldness of the grid design. Childlike, comforting and familiar. I hope you love them.