Folie Chambre

NO. 2 S. A. BOISECQ/ RENOIR Limited ed. Etching.

£695.00 £795.00

A copperplate print created by Boissecq with his respect for Renoir.

The work was created by Boissecq using Renoir's own drawings as etchings.

Limited to 150 copies, the original was commissioned by, printed and signed by the Renoir Museum in 1971 

We have professionally reframed them.  


Number of copies: 150 copies

Technique: Etching

Production: 1971 work

Size: 68/50cm 

From the Boissec print collection

S.A. BOISECQ 1911. 

Salomon Alfred Boissecq

French painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

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